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Snacks that Satisfy Your Craving and Your Conscience

Snacking has a bad reputation. Vending machines filled with sodas and desk drawers stuffed with candy bars lead us to believe that eating between mealtimes is unhealthy. But we shouldn’t shun snacking. If we choose the right foods to fill those long gaps between breakfast, lunch and dinner, we keep our brains focused on our work instead of our growling stomachs.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are obvious choices. But apples get monotonous, and celery is sometimes dull. If you want something crispy and flavorful, Food Should Taste Good™ chips, crackers and Pita Puffs® are delicious, wholesome options. One of the most important requirements of go-to snacks is ready access. Our workdays don’t allow for the time required to decode long labels; Food Should Taste Good makes it easy by clearly stating the key attributes of its products on the bag.

Food Should Taste Good products are not made with genetically modified  ingredients. Making great-tasting snacks from wholesome ingredients was Pete Lescoe’s goal when he founded the company in 2006, and that mission continues with the introduction of each new snack.

Food Should Taste Good now offers 20 varieties of the original tortilla chip, as well as five kinds of kettle-cooked sweet potato chips, four types of brown rice crackers, and four flavors of Pita Puffs snacks. All products are certified kosher, and the crackers, tortilla chips and kettle-cooked chips are gluten free. Many products are also vegan. The tortilla chips are baked before being lightly cooked in high oleic safflower, sunflower and/or canola oil that is free of trans fat and cholesterol. The kettle-cooked chips start as high-quality, domestically sourced sweet potatoes that are sliced directly into sunflower oil, which is also free of trans fat and cholesterol. The brown rice crackers and pita puffs are 100% baked.

With more than 30 varieties of chips, crackers and Pita Puffs snacks, Food Should Taste Good provides constant variety for your snacking routine. From the original multigrain tortilla chip, the initial product line now includes such adventurous options as Jalapeño for a little heat, The Works! for everything-bagel lovers and Harvest Pumpkin for a seasonal selection.

If you want to add a dip or spread to your afternoon bite, Food Should Taste Good has a collection of recipes designed to pair with its products. Make a carrot-ginger spread to liven up Blue Corn and Multigrain tortilla chips. Or use low-fat Greek yogurt for a sun-dried tomato and feta spread that keeps well in the refrigerator and goes great with Tomato & Basil brown rice crackers. With football season in full swing, Food Should Taste Good has created a list of Football Favorites that transition your tailgate menu from greasy and outdated to flavorful and fresh. Visit foodshouldtastegood.com to learn more about the products, recipes and scheduled tasting events across the country. With the Food Should Taste Good’s creative lineup, snacking is on its way to making a much better name for itself.