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The Orchids Are Back at Longwood Gardens. This Year Might Be the Most Stunning Yet

Photo Credit: Larry Albee

Opposites attract this winter at Longwood Gardens. Escape to a lush sanctuary filled with nearly 5,000 blooming orchids during Orchid Extravaganza. The Conservatory is a vision of color and texture with bold, vivacious hues found in a sea of golden Oncidium, swirls of salmon Phalaenopsis, and a tapestry of vibrant Vanda. Orchid blooms drape from walls, spill from containers and hang from the ceiling. Vivid baskets, columns, orbs and more fanciful forms made of orchids elevate the indoor world of whimsy and warmth.

The outdoor gardens illustrate the subtle beauty of the winter landscape, where the dramatic silhouettes of majestic trees and delicate grasses together paint a setting of quiet tranquility. Stroll among the serene winter landscape or reflect among a symphony of copper and umber hues in the Meadow Garden.

Inside and out, a wondrous winter awaits.

Experience Orchid Extravaganza at Longwood Gardens.