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Local Catering Expert: Scrap the Wedding Favors for Snacks

Richard Portney, CPCE, is a certified member of The National Association of Catering and Events and has created amazing weddings for more than 1,000 couples. Here are some helpful hints for your wedding planning.

Why do a first look?

The reveal or first look prior to your wedding ceremony is the most romantic moment of the entire day. Think about this: No matter how long you’ve known each other, when your spouse-to-be walks up behind you for your first look and taps you on the shoulder, and you turn around and gaze into each other’s eyes, it is truly a passionate moment. It’s intimate, romantic and emotional, and it’s likely to be the most personal and private time that you will have all day. Along with this magical feeling, the stress and fear factor that you might be feeling fades away. You’ll feel more relaxed and your day really becomes a magic carpet ride. Now you can get your personal photos done and enjoy the party.

Favors or no favors?

Couples often put off planning party favors until the last minute. Then they end up purchasing something that most guests don’t even take home. What a waste of time and money. Donating to a great cause is much better and more meaningful to both you and your guests. Pick a cause that means something to you and make some great signage to let your guests know—one sign at the place-card table and maybe another one at the dinner table.

Another great option is a creative departure station, for your guests to create favors they can take home. Create a food station with a snack that you both love or is associated with the local area. Something savory or sweet that’s easily portable to enjoy on the way home is the perfect parting gift to your guests.

DJ or band?

We often get asked which is better. What are you looking for most? The live action and feel of the show, or having a great DJ that will also interact with your guests and getting them up dancing? The talent is amazing on both sides, and many feel that the MC can be as important as the entertainment itself. Do your homework and go to the showcases and interview to see if the chemistry is great. In the end, it’s what you want, and of course cost will factor in.

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