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6 Must-See Tips To Keep Kids Safe On Halloween

Photo credit: iStock/monkeybusinessimages

Photo credit: iStock/monkeybusinessimages

Creepy costumes aren’t the only spooky thing about All Hollow’s Eve. Keeping an eye on trick-or-treaters can be tough during the candy-fueled madness, but making sure your child is under adult supervision should be a top priority during the Halloween season.

The reason? Between venturing neighborhoods in the dark and walking up to mysterious front steps, this is the one day of the year where you’ll need more than a close eye to keep track of where your little ghouls wander. And those aren’t the only tricky parts, check out these tips from Dr. Evan Weiner, FAAP, director, department of Emergency Medicine at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children to ensure you and your child enjoy fall traditions safely.

Opt for painted pumpkins instead of carving. Before you head out for candy, carving pumpkins for your front porch is often a favorite family tradition kids want in on. Ditch the sharp knives and try painting the pumpkins instead! This lets kids in on the action, without the worry of sharp knives.

Rework their wardrobe. When it comes to picking the perfect Halloween costume, there’s one accessory you need to ditch: Masks. Masks, or anything that restricts sight, makes it tough for children to see their surroundings and be alert to potential hazards like cars or angry dogs on the neighbor’s lawn.

Brighten up. The brighter the costume the better! A bright costume makes your child easier to see even when the sun starts to go down. For an extra safeguard consider having them carry glow sticks or wear neon bracelets.

Strategize your candy routes. Taking kids out for candy means powering down your cell phone. Distracted driving is especially risky on Halloween when a lot of kids are out on the street. Take it slow and give extra attention to neighborhoods where trick-or-treaters may be flocking for candy.

If you and your kiddos are heading out on foot make sure to stay on the sidewalk and cross carefully at crosswalks.

Don’t be afraid to toss tainted goods. It’s your turn to man the candy… now what? Before they dig into their loot, make sure you discard any candy that is not completely wrapped in its original wrapping or shows signs of tears.

Pace your candy intake. Consider compromising a daily limit of how much candy your kids cash in on. A daily limit will help their proud earnings last longer and help monitor how much sugar they’re consuming.

For more information on nutrition and safety visit St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children.