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Kid and Pet-Proofing Your Home in 5 Easy Steps

Photo Credit: Studio 882

When it comes to revamping the rooms your family spends the most time in, it’s important to consider safety first. But just because you’re planning a space that meets the needs of your kids and furry friends doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice any style points.

Here are five tips to keep in mind while artfully decorating your family-friendly pad. For more, visit Studio 822 or schedule an in-home consultation with one of their in-house expert designers.  

Think About Your Fabrics. Thankfully, stain-resistant performance fabrics come in all colors, textures and patterns. Rich, Teflon-treated velvets, Crypton and Nanotex can come in handy when you want cozy pieces, specifically sofas and chairs, without the constant worry that comes with a silk or standard velvet. Leather, twill, and suede are great options for some of your most rough-and-tumble pieces, like the couch. With pets, it’s a good idea to pick a fabric color that’s a close match to their fur to avoid having to clean up every time they hop down. A good rule of thumb before opting for a throw, pillow, or soft piece of furniture? Ask yourself if you can wipe it down or throw it in the wash for quick cleaning. If the answer is no, walk away.

In the kitchen and dining room, consider using Crypton — a stain-resistant fabric that’s easy to clean and can stand up to spills and odor through a patented “repeal and release” technology (more on that here). Using Crypton-based chairs in the kitchen will not only ward off unsightly stains from breakfast and dinner mishaps but will block the growth of bacteria and mold, as well.

For floors, House Beautiful suggests using outdoor rugs inside, specifically under the kitchen table, as they’re much easier to clean.

Mix Your Media. Kids take pride in their work, so use that to your advantage. Mix bright, bold art pieces from your budding Picasso with prints like Milling Road’s “Scribble” or “Four Letter Word.” For major contrast, play with gilded statement frames for black-and-white works and thin, classic frames for bold masterpieces. Reserve a wall in your dining room or hallway as your home “museum,” and let the kids know that the same appropriate “no foul play” rules are in place.

Be A Big Softie. We all know some of the biggest scrapes, cuts and general accidents are caused by some equation of running and sharp edges. Opt for a cushy ottoman and a chic serving tray to act as your edge-free coffee table. Pile throw pillows on chairs that could use some extra cushion and consider floor pillows as a plush alternative to your standard living room chairs. Think soft-seating loveseats and settees like the warm leather Surrey or the Jessica Charles, in family-friendly hues, like beige or grey.

Keep Things Organized. One of the easiest ways to get your young ones to help out with the cleaning is to make it fun. Reserve a few compartments in your entertainment center for your kid’s favorite DVDs, video games and appliances so that they have real estate and feel responsible for helping out with the room. Use large boxes, umbrella stands, caddies and racks in the mudroom and hallway vestibules as a place to keep kid’s outerwear, pet toys and leashes so that they are both easily accessible and hidden from plain view.

Invest In A Vacuum (And A Groomer). Specifically, one that’s designed for pet hair and dander and has multiple appendages to spiff up even your tightest corners. Keeping your pet’s paws perfectly manicured will help ward off unnecessary scratches on leather and hardwood floors. Make sure that your vacuum is multi-floor accessible so that spills on both hardwood and tall rugs are no match for you. We can’t stress enough, with kids’ propensity towards spills and puppies towards shedding and accidents, this might be the most important item on your decorating wish list.

For more inspiring ideas, visit Studio 882 at 101 Applied Bank Blvd, in Glen Mills, or call 610-314-8820 for a design consultation.