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Hey Employers, Is Your Healthcare Program Millennial-Friendly?

Smart-phone-wielding millennials are all about storing their lives on their phones. From personal finance management to cab hailing, there’s, quite literally, an app for that. However until recently, there wasn’t a way for millennial-age employees to access their health insurance information on their phones. In fact, one person we talked to recalls typing her account number into the ‘notes’ app on her phone — which is neither convenient nor secure.

One way for employers to satisfy these tech-savvy employees is to offer the UnitedHealthcare Health4Me app, a cutting-edge technology for UnitedHealthcare plan members that like to keep all of their healthcare information in one place. The free app from UnitedHealthcare provides plans members with access to their health information anytime, anywhere. Available for both Apple and Android devices, it’s a go-to resource for information formerly accessible via a physical card or phone call. Features include:

Health Plan ID Card // Employees can download their health plan ID cards to their smart phones and e-mail or fax the ID cards directly to the doctor’s office or hospital.

Physician Locator // Users may search for network physicians or facilities near them using the GPS location search feature. Whether they need specialists or general practice, one of the largest selections of network doctors is easily accessible.

Spending and Reimbursement Access // Employees can view information on deductible and out-of-pocket spending status, and check account balances for health reimbursement, flexible spending and health savings account — all without the stress of nailing down the right person over the phone.

Any way employers can offer programs to be more millennial-friendly is a strategic business move. And offering UnitedHealthcare’s Health4Me app is a surefire way to do it.

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