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Give Thanks to UNIQLO for a Stylish Thanksgiving

Well, here it is again. The cranberry sauce comes out of the cupboard, mashed potatoes make their way to the oven, and the ubiquitous bird is basted for hours on end. Thanksgiving – along with the onslaught of traditional fare primed for middle of the night turkey sandwiches – is a time for family and friends. Be it a casual get together at your parents’ house, football and all, or a dressed up occasion for you to showcase your prim and proper side, one thing we know and love about America’s favorite holiday, it’s a time to shine. Give those great aunts something to talk about when you walk in the room, meet your in-laws in your finest, or kick back and relax alongside your siblings in attire that will leave plenty of room for seconds.

From sporty to preppy to as chic as can be, UNIQLO’s streamlined basics work their magic in creating a multitude for looks perfect for a day such as this. From the simple-sleek pairing of a flattering Cashmere Black Tunic with fresh white Ultra Stretch Ankle Jeans and a Washed Narrow Color Belt to layers of seasonal plaids, floral touches, loads of cashmere and denim musts, building your turkey day ensemble might just be the best part – aside from the stuffing.

The expected, yet fabulous look of prep is a win-win scenario when it comes to Thanksgiving. Start off with the much-adored Flannel Printed Long Sleeved Shirt Dress. Topped off by a cozy, uniform-inspired Wool Blend Flannel Jacket in gray, and a final few touches including bright red Heattech Knitted Rib Tights and the sharp, yet soothing contrast of a gorgeous off white Cashmere Scarf; all that’s left are those chocolate brown, leather booties (or riders) waiting patiently in your closet.

Whether it’s a (planned) run-in with your future in-laws, a desire to make an unforgettable entrance, or you are simply in the mood to feel and look your most beautiful, ultra-soft and feminine pieces will bring out your inner most chic. Beginning with the delicate touch of Drape Floral Pants offset in minimalist gray, the add-ons of a luxe Cashmere V Neck Sweater (also in light gray), set atop a soft-as-can-be Pure Blue Japan Project Chambray Denim Shirt, are ideal compliments. Ground the look with lace-up suede booties in gray or nude and delicate jewels to enhance your pretty-chic.

And finally, when all you want to do is plunk down on the cushiest part of the couch with a healthy plate of all the good stuff on your lap, a relaxed look with a touch of sport is the way to go. Beginning with this navy Urban Fleece Skirt that epitomizes all that is warm and cozy, we are vying to pair it with thick, dark gray Color Tights 1P that are amped up with these Heattech Knitted Fair Isle Leg Warmers, also in dark gray, a cold-weather must. Finish it off with a high-class Cashmere Dolman Sweater in yes, dark gray, and then a pop of hot pink care of a SPRZ NY Tank Top that peaks out underneath – perfection.

Shop all of these Thanksgiving looks and many, many more at UNIQLO!