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Key to Escape: Get to Phoenixville and Back Before Bedtime

Photo Credit: Ford

There are not enough hours in the day, and there never will be. On top of that, a good chunk is spent working or sleeping. Are we depressing you yet? Sorry, we’ll stop now.

Here’s the good news. Thankfully, you live in a major metropolitan area. Because of this, the world is your oyster, and a handful of that oyster’s pearls are just a short jaunt from your office or home. All you need is a car and a few solid hours to explore the towns and neighborhoods right outside of the city, like Phoenixville. In the past few years, this Chester County town has become a hotbed for independent shops, breweries, cafes, restaurants and hikes along the Schuylkill River.

So clock out and fasten your seatbelt. You’ll be in the borough in about 40 minutes. Public parking is no problem. There are a few municipal parking lots right on the main drag, as well as metered street parking (test your Ford Escape Enhanced Active Park Assist). Here’s how to spend your weeknight in Phoenixville.

On Thursdays, you can grab a tea or coffee at Steel City Coffee House, one of the oldest local businesses on the popular stretch of Bridge street. Listen to acoustic sounds from local artists playing live or as part of the barista’s carefully curated playlist. Artisans Gallery and Cafe, an artsy little indie cafe just across the street, is open late on weekdays and almost always has a great stack of board games and books on hand. Once you’re properly fed and caffeinated, head down the street to The Colonial Theatre to catch a documentary, indie flick or blockbuster in a historic setting. Just be sure to check the movie schedule before you go as show times can be a little sporadic. Diving Cat Studio Gallery is great for shopping or gazing, with a handful of mixed media items from independent artists (Michael Corney’s soulful skull ceramic glazed cups are one of our favorite collections).

For dinner plans, visit The Black Lab Bistro, a quaint sit-and-eat featuring contemporary American cuisine. Order the pan-seared scallops in sweet Vermouth Creme and anything off of the extremely decadent dessert selection, all of which is made in-house. If your sweet tooth is somehow still not satisfied, Bridge Street Chocolates is a good stop. Grab a few bonbons for the road.

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