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#Fitgoals: 5 Reasons We Could Spend All Day at Life Time Athletic

Photo credit: Life Time Athletic

Photo credit: Life Time Athletic

Finding the motivation to drudge across town with your duffle bag for a morning workout and fighting off crowds for a spot in your post-work Bikram class can make living the healthy life your Instagram feed is filled with feel like a distant dream. Luckily, thanks to Life Time Athletic, the health club chain known for its spacious workout spaces and 115 different class formats (including 11 exclusive Signature Formats that kick major peach emoji), you can get one step closer to your #fitgoals.

In fact, Life Time is so double-tap-worthy you might be tempted to spend more time here just to ‘gram and say you tried everything the health club had to offer. But, since there are more than 85 group fitness classes each week at each location, it might be better to space things out a bit. Here are a few more reasons Life Time is a top spot for endorphin-filled bliss.

They’re overachievers in the best way possible.

Most of Life Time’s group instructors and personal trainers go above the national certification to be Five Star certified, meaning they’re able to give you the extra attention you need to meet your specific fitness goals. Plus, each club has an average of 35 instructors on staff, ensuring each class you take is taught by a highly-skilled trainer in that specific workout.

They hit the road with you.

When it comes to finding a cycling class, the variety of spin styles proves biking is not a ‘one size fits all’ workout. Instead of wasting time trying to find the perfect ride at three different boutiques, Life Time offers three styles of cycling classes to fit your mood. Try AMP to get your heart pumping, EDG to jam out while testing your limits, and PWR if you’re a skilled cyclist training to take on your first race.

You never fly solo.

These aren’t your average group fitness classes. Life Time’s group fitness classes combine the latest trends with tried-and-true fitness techniques to give you the ultimate burn in a fun, time-efficient workout.

If you like hot yoga but want more cardio:

Try Warrior Sculpt, a combo of yoga, strength and cardio in a heated room.

For Barre enthusiasts who crave more core work:

Life Barre takes classical ballet moves and combines them with pilates and traditional strength routines.

For kickboxers who want to dabble in more martial arts:

Strike! Kickboxing builds cardio and muscular endurance using martial arts stick fighting techniques.

When you’re looking for a quick total body burn:

Try Total Conditioning Xtreme (TCX), a total-body resistance routine that challenges every muscle from head to toe.

If you’re a lifter who wants to raise the bar on your routine:

Barbell Strength uses Iron Grip Strength Equipment to improve your strength and muscular endurance.

You can find your zen no matter what mood you’re in.

Some days you want a good stretch, others you need to find stillness. With Vinyasa, Roots and Yin practices, Life Time offers yoga classes for every style yogi. Build your foundation in Roots, turn up the heat (and the intensity) in Vinyasa, or find your breath while mastering posture in Yin practice.

Unwinding is just a few steps away.

After a tough workout, take the time to work out the kinks in Life Time’s full-service salon and spa, eucalyptus steam rooms, or private saunas. And, for days you forget to bring breakfast with you, the healthy LifeCafe has you covered with a full menu of freshly prepared Meals to Go, snacks and custom smoothies that power your million-dollar bod’ well after your workout is over.

You work out like a VIP why not treat yourself like one? Join Life Time at their newest, soon-to-open locations in Ardmore, Fort Washington and King of Prussia.