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Watch Parties: Where to Tune Into the Democratic National Convention in Philly

Photo credit: The Piazza at Schmidt’s Commons

Photo credit: The Piazza at Schmidt’s Commons

Why should sports fans have all the fun? Join likeminded political fans and visit local watering holes during the Democratic National Convention to witness historic Convention moments, such as the can’t-miss final night, Thursday, July 28th, when the Democratic candidate for President will formally accept the nomination. Outposts all over the city (as noted in our free, downloadable locals guide to the DNC!) will be participating in Watch Party festivities. 

In conjunction with the Philadelphia 2016 Host Committee for the Democratic National Convention, restaurants, bars and venues all over the city invite local political junkies to tune into the day’s events at public Watch Parties. Participating spots (so far!) include: Chickie & Petes (South Philly), Frankford Hall, The Piazza at Schmidt’s Commons, Brick & Mortar, McGillin’s and Commerce Square.

At The Piazza at Schmidt’s Commons, for example, the watch party will kick off at 7pm on Thursday, July 28th. The event will include a high-definition, 400+ square-foot Daktoniks LED screen above the 800 square foot stage, and guests are invited to bring their chairs and blankets to claim their spots. There will be a slew of special dishes and discounts to enjoy from eateries like Crabby’s Café, Gunners Run and Wahlburgers Food Truck.

Bar Ferdinand, across the street at Liberties Walk, will also offer special deals and eats. They include a lineup of $8 citywide specials and classic cocktails named after past Presidents:

James Buchanan
Kenzinger + Amontillado Sherry

Andrew Jackson
Kenzinger + Whiskey

James K. Polk
Kenzinger + Brandy

Lyndon B. Johnson
Kenzinger + Scotch

FDR, $11.00
Mint Julep

Harry Truman, $12.00
Old Fashioned

JFK, $11.00
Classic Daiquiri

Of course, if you want additional information about all of the exciting events occurring in Philadelphia during the Democratic National Convention, you can refer to our handy downloadable guide. Inside, you’ll get the details on everything from PoliticalFest to Philly Feast. You can also follow #DNCDontMissThis and #DNCDeals for more exciting event details.