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Why Going Back to College is More Accessible Than Ever

Photo credit: iStock/monkeybusinessimages

Photo credit: iStock/monkeybusinessimages

Many people say that they will go back to school one day. While keeping that promise can be tough, following through can be extremely beneficial in our rapidly changing world. Fortunately, many institutions make it easier for adult learners with flexible scheduling, online courses and unique certificate programs. Today, the adult learner can pursue his or her education in a whole new way.

Take the College of Professional Studies at Villanova University for example. They have developed their degree and certificate programs with the adult learner in mind. They offer undergraduate degree programs that are designed for adults who have some college credits and would like to complete a bachelor’s or associate’s degree program. They also offer combined master’s degree programs that allow students to complete a bachelor’s and master’s degree in just five years.

In addition to degree programs, the College of Professional Studies offers close to 20 certificate programs that are perfect for adults who want to expand their knowledge and pick up specific skills that will help them advance in their careers or increase their marketability in today’s job market. Many of the certificate programs can be done alongside a degree program or by themselves.

After Brando Brandolini graduated with a degree in political science and a certificate in fluency and information technology (FIT), he decided to go to the College of Professional Studies for a certificate in Information Systems.

“It worked perfectly in tangent with my FIT certificate. It was almost like a dual degree,” Brandolini says.

The College of Professional Studies also offers many unique educational opportunities outside the classroom such as panel discussions and speakers to its students.

“They offered a lot of round table conferences with current graduates, some who created their own businesses,” Brandolini says. “They talked about how they were planning to progress forward.”

He also had the opportunity to see a speaker from Pixar Animation Studios earlier in the year, and more recently he attended a leadership event where CPS brought The Disney Institute to present their Leadership Excellence workshops to Villanova alumni, students and staff.

“There were multiple speakers from Disney, and former Disney employees talked about how they maintained leadership incentives in their own businesses,” Brandolini says. “It was an amazing learning experience.”

Recognizing the challenges adult learners have fitting class time into their busy schedules, the College of Professional Studies offers day and night classes so students can take classes around their careers.

“From what I could tell when I was picking my schedule, every class I took had a day and night option,” Brandolini says. Courses for some certificate programs are also offered in multiple locations, including Villanova’s Campus, the Philadelphia Navy Yard and other locations in Southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.

Brandolini is ready to begin his career, as he recently accepted a position in Washington D.C.

“I don’t necessarily want to go into to politics,” he says. “But I want to learn the ropes, and I want to put myself in a position some day in my life where I can help bridge the disconnect between politics and the emergence of the digital realm.”

He says that much of his success, including landing this career opportunity would have never happened if it weren’t for his incredible professors and mentors at the College of Professional Studies.

“My experience with the College of Professional Studies is that they were extremely accommodating, extremely flexible, very willing to work with you no matter what your situation was. They genuinely wanted to help everyone who was interested in continuing their education,” he says.

Learn more about continuing your education at Villanova’s College of Professional Studies by clicking here.