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Is It Addiction? 5 Feelings You and Your Loved One Shouldn’t Dismiss

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For better or worse, you and your significant other took a vow to be there when times are good and times are tough. And even though no one knows you better than your other half, addiction can put a serious strain on your bond. If you feel like a stranger in your relationship, know that you’re not alone — and you don’t need to handle it alone.

Addiction is a family disease that impacts your life as much as the life of your loved one. Seeking treatment from experienced addiction specialists, like the team at Caron Treatment Centers, will help your whole family heal through integrative addiction and behavioral health treatment.  Although the process is something you and your spouse have to work on in your own respective ways, many individuals who go through treatment together emerge healthier in a life of recovery together.

The experienced addiction specialists at Caron Treatment Centers have been helping families approach the topic of addiction since 1957. With extensive experience working with patients and their families, they’ve seen first-hand how family members can often dismiss certain feelings or behaviors that correlate back to their loved one struggling with an addiction. These feelings may include:


You feel like you’re living with a stranger. Your significant other is more secretive about where they are or what they’re doing and they spend significant amounts of time unaccounted for.


You take on all the responsibility in your relationship because it feels easier to take care of things than expect your spouse to manage their share.


You’re afraid of changing your life, or your spouse’s life. You notice their mood swings but would rather walk on eggshells than address what’s really wrong.


You feel like your spouse’s behavior is your fault and that addressing their substance use will reflect poorly on you as a significant other, or parent if other people know about it.


You isolate yourself to conceal your exhaustion from pretending everything is fine.

If you feel any of these emotions or statements apply to your current relationship with your loved one, know you are not alone. Help is available from the trusted professionals at Caron Treatment Centers.

Rebuild your relationship with your loved one and live the life you were meant to live together. Visit, Caron Treatment Centers online to learn more.