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4 Things Your Employees Need to Know About Shopping for Health Care

Photo credit: Shutterstock/www.BillionPhotos.com

Photo credit: Shutterstock/www.BillionPhotos.com

Whether it’s finding out up-front how much a procedure will cost or calculating out-of-pocket expenses, employers and employees alike often note that navigating health care is challenging. Luckily, UnitedHealthcare has developed myHealthcare Cost Estimator, an online tool that may alleviate some of these stressors by providing the user with up-front information on procedures and costs. 

Accessible via myuhc.com, the online tool uses estimates based on actual contracted rates. Your employees will discover how the same procedure performed in different facilities can vary in cost. myHealthcare Cost Estimator is integrated with your employees’ benefit plan, so the data is personalized to calculate estimated out-of-pocket expenses based on your employees’ current benefit status. Additionally, it’s fully integrated with UnitedHealthcare customer service and clinical support so your employees have easy access to a wide range of resources.

After your employees register at myuhc.com, they can enter a few keywords in the online tool to quickly access customized information that will help them know the 4 Ps — procedure, provider, price and place. Your employees can find personalized information, allowing them to be better prepared before walking into their next doctor’s appointment. Now, searching for health care information can be as easy as any online shopping experience. After all, when your employees have access to greater knowledge, they may find new ways to improve their health and increase their savings.

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