The 7 Best Philly Shops for LOL-Worthy DNC Merchandise

Plus, a whole bunch of anti-Trump gear because we care about America.

With the RNC well underway, in all its plagiarized speech-ed, shouting glory, we’re getting hype for the DNC madness to make its way to Philly soon. Local boutiques and shops are one step ahead, with some pretty amazing, hilarious DNC merchandise that you cannot miss. Even if you don’t give a hoot about politics (which, ya know, you should), this DNC merchandise is LOL-worthy in its own right — good enough to snag, even if you haven’t listened to a single speech or gotten off the couch to vote because you’re a lazy American citizen. I digress. Here are seven Philly boutiques stocking up on the best DNC merchandise that’s sure to offend or delight, depending on your political leanings. 

DNC merch

Images via The Little Apple.

For the politico who needs to lighten up: The Little Apple, Manayunk.
Standouts: Candidate chew toys for your cat or dog to go to town on ($12-22), a Hillary action figure to place alongside Batman on your nerdy office shelf ($14), and a HRC paper dolls playset to rewrite history the way you always imagined ($14.95). 4631 Main Street, 267-335-4968.

DNC Merchandise 1

Images via Tselaine.

For the outspoken citizen: Tselaine, Rittenhouse.
Standouts: These creepy plush dolls so you can snuggle Hillz and Bill while you drift to sleep (or Trump, if nightmares are more your thing) ($24), and these punchy socks ($10) that send a subtle political message that’s both neutral and universal all at once — vote, people! 1927 Walnut Street, 215-301-4752.

For the voter with a sense of humor: Philadelphia Independents, Old City and Occasionette, East Passyunk.
Standouts: “Be an ass” commemorative mug for the most patriotic of morning coffees ($38) and those DNC greeting cards pictured in the first image ($6); enamel pins to swag out your leather jacket, backpack, or pin on an unsuspecting passerby ($12). 35 North 3rd Street, 267-773-7316; 1825 East Passyunk Avenue, 215-465-1704.

DNC Merchandise 3

Image via The Clay Studio.

For the undecided AmericanThe Clay Studio, Old City.
Standout: This Thursday, July 21st, this studio is hosting a decal party at 6:30pm for any undecided voters out there. Drink Dock Street Beer while you decal a sombrero on Donald Trump’s insane hair and despair at the current political scene while you get your buzz on ($35 for non-members). 139 North 2nd Street, 215-925-3453.

For the friend who can’t turn DNC/RNC coverage off: Open House, Midtown Village and Philly Phaithful.
Standouts: Trump toilet paper pictured in the opening image ($6) and democrat and republican totes to carry home your Trader Joe’s haul in political style ($48), or go into all-out #preach mode with this Ban Trump From Philly tee ($24.99). 107 South 13th Street, 215-922-1415; Philly Phaithful online, 888-474-2484.

Let the games begin!