7 Stores Philly Desperately Needs Right Now

Like, how do we not already have these?

stores philly needs

We want Muji. | Image via Muji.

We love Philly retail — that’s what Shoppist is all about. However, we also see some gaps in the market that totally need to be filled. I mean, Target finally realized the need and capitalized on it, so it’s only a matter of time (we hope) before other stores start doing the same. If we had it our way, we would add a few home places, a few places to help us organize our lives, and a some great stores to bulk up our wardrobes. Retailers, we hope you’re listening — here are the seven stores Philly needs ASAP:

#1. Crate & Barrel
Sure, there’s one in KOP and another in Cherry Hill, but for the car-less, this presents an issue. I mean, how are you supposed to shop from your home so far away, especially if you’ve graduated from Ikea but can’t spring for, you know, that Ligne Roset couch just yet?

#2. & Other Stories
This lesser-known store is the quiet luxury-brand offshoot of H&M, so it’s got all the of-the-moment styles you’d expect from the retailer. However, the quality is much higher (lined jackets, well-made shoes that’ll last more than half a season) without being too pricey. In fact, many items are priced similarly to H&M products, like this adorable swim top for $29 or this dress for $95.

#3. Neiman Marcus
Philly used to be THE department store capital of the world. Nowadays, the old-world luxury stores are nothing more than shells for far less glamorous shopping destinations and prom banquets. Department stores have by and large been replaced by off-price places that can feel cheap and messy. What we’re really craving is a full-price, fully-stocked luxury department store to stand tall and proud in Philadelphia once again. And we choose Neiman’s because of the amazing shoe selection, duh.

#4. Jeffrey
So I know I just complained about off-price stores, but Jeffrey is an absolute treat. It’s a a bit pricier than your Nordstrom Rack, but the selection is much more curated. Imagine a Century 21 that’s just a little more high-brow and a lot smaller, but still with amazing deals — because, let’s face it, we all can’t afford full-price all the time. (Psst: Jeffrey New York was where I bought my first pair of designer shoes.)

#5. Muji
This store has been described to me as Ikea with clothes, but better. I mean, is there any greater endorsement one could give? It’s based in the Japanese philosophy of simplicity, and each piece reflects a utilitarian purpose while still being aesthetically pleasing. Case in point: this broom and dustpan. There are over 500 Muji stores worldwide, and NYC alone has six (if you count the mini-Muji inside the JFK Airport, which I can’t believe I’ve never seen). Can Philly get just one, please?

#6. The Container Store
Storage baskets, drawer organizers and trays — oh my! This place is a neat freak’s dream come true, outfitted with all the goods to organize literally every nook and cranny of your life. Plus, everything is super cute, so you’ll actually want to tackle that pile of crap from college still lingering in your basement (maybe).

#7. Topshop
Even after Brexit, we still have a huge crush on the Brits and all the stylish, endlessly cool things they bring to the table. Even though Walnut Street is overrun with fast-fashion madhouses, we’re still yearning for Topshop to pick us, choose us, love us. The brand just paired with one of the all-time greats, Man Repeller, just to prove how much cooler Topshop is than any of those other big-box shops. Plus, the London flagship has a fantastic Topman store, featuring a lounge and barbershop inside. Um, we want in.