7 Surprising Mall Stores for Summer Fashion Finds

Say hello again to your middle school hangout.

mall stores for summer fashion finds

iStock/Susan Chiang.

Shopping at the mall, in all its escalator-ed, food court-ing glory, is a pastime that, we’ll admit, we miss every once in a while. I mean, where else can you go for new shoes and a Build-A-Bear and veggie lo mein all in one stop? Too often malls get the short end of the shopping stick, painted in a sad light as many outdated department stores shutter their doors. However, malls are actually home to some great wardrobe items — you just have to know where to go, lest you find yourself in a sea of sad sweaters and ill-fitting blazers and tableware (So. Much. Tableware.). We’ve rounded up the best mall stores for summer fashion right now because, believe it or not, there’s some gems out there.

best mall stores for summer fashion express

Images via Express.

#1. Express
It’s not just clubbing dresses that line the racks of this place anymore! Huzzah for real clothes that you can wear on many occasions, not just on nights when Redbull vodkas are involved! Go here for cute elevated denim pieces, like this zip-up pencil skirt ($59.90), cool summer knits like this burnt red tank ($49.90), and cute separates like this eyelet lace top ($59.90) and shorts ($35.94) combo.

bvest mall stores for summer fashion aldo

Images via Aldo.

#2. Aldo
Whether you’re looking for a trendy lace-up number ($40) or sky-high block heel ($40) to wear to your next summer wedding, head here for a variety of dressy shoes. Leaning more towards the athletic-inspired look? Try a white sneaker in luxe vegan leather ($65) or a patent-leather slide in soft pink ($25).

mall stores for summer fashion loft

Images via the Loft.

#3. The Loft
While we know this store best for its workwear, it’s stepped up its summer styles as of late with breezy jumpsuits ($89.50), flare-sleeved tees ($44.50), and off-the-shoulder tops ($49.50) that feel elegant but still light and trendy for sunny days.

mall stores for summer fashion century 21

Images via Century 21.

#4. Century 21
Ok so technically this isn’t your average mall store per se, but it is located right next to the Gallery, so we had to include it. Go here for summer whites at discounted prices, like this fringed linen top ($34.99), this belted shirtdress ($129.99), this silk tunic ($129.99), or this relaxed-fit white shift ($93.23) — because nothing says summer like breezy whites.


Images via Old Navy.

#5. Old Navy
After stopping two women on the street to ask where they got their fab jumpsuits and I was told Old Navy of all places, I had to take a look myself. The verdict is in: This place has fantastic rompers ($18.97) and jumpsuits, like this chambray number ($34.97) or these work-appropriate culotte onesie options ($35 for the black and white, $4o for the tan). You’ve gotta love an office-approved outfit that feels like you’re wearing PJs all day long, am I right?

mall stores for summer fashion zara

Images via Zara.

#6. Zara
Our list would be lacking without a trendy fast-fashion store like Zara in the mix. This Spanish retailer is stepping up its game lately, with interesting silhouettes like crop-flare pants ($49.90) and open-backed, flowy shirts (similar $25.99). Zara is also having a major crushed-velvet moment, with cute, mercifully non-clingy shift dresses ($29.90) and billowy pleated velvet culottes ($35.90). Dare I say we’re finally moving away from the form-fitting fashion of seasons before, moving into a new era of ultra-comfort? Please say yes, style gods.

mall stores for summer fashion a&F

Images via Abercrombie & Fitch.

#7. Abercrombie & Fitch
Is there a more quintessential mall store than Abercrombie & Fitch? ICYMI, the brand has much more than polos and cardigans to offer these days. Check out this adorable swimsuit coverup that doubles as a cozy kimono ($29) during colder months. Play the fashion-forward card with this silky bomber ($120) that gloriously harkens back to something your grandma would wear, or this flowy skirt ($58) featuring all the birds and flowers you’re about to see everywhere.

Give Hot Topic a wave as you pass by on the way to A&F, drinking in the memories of your mall-going heyday when you wore skate shoes (but never actually learned to skate) and jammed to Led Zeppelin on the way home from school. Go ahead and spring for an Auntie Anne’s cinnamon pretzel while you’re at it— we promise not to tell.