Shop Talk: 7 Travel Beauty Secrets Flight Attendants Swear By

Read with coffee: five style headlines to know this a.m.

Woman sitting at airplane and looking to mobil phone.

How to mile-high rejuvenate. | iStockphoto.

  • While we love lusting after supermodel-grade travel beauty essentials, some of those items would eat up an entire paycheck. (Le sigh.) Fortunately, the pros who know the skies better than anyone have divulged their skincare-on-the-go secrets, and they don’t cost an arm and a leg. Here are seven ways to salvage your skin mid-flight. [Pop Sugar]
  • ICYMI, the Chanel resort wear show took place in Havana, Cuba last week. See all the looks from the historic show, and take a minute to marvel in Lagerfeld’s pure genius. [Vogue]

  • Revive your post-gel-mani nails naturally, using these five surprising ways to strengthen your nails. [The Zoe Report]
  • This weekend’s sunshine had us outside all Mother’s Day soaking up some rays. For even sunnier days ahead, make sure your skin is covered with these seven sunscreen myths debunked. [PureWow]
  • Ever wondered what skincare routines of the rich and famous look like? Check out these nighttime beauty rituals of the world’s most beautiful women (and start copping immediately). [Byrdie]