Divas, Rejoice: Drybar Is Coming to Center City This Summer

When the blowouts are named after cocktails, you know it’s gotta be good.


What to expect from the new Philly location. | Image via Drybar.

Guess what, ladies? Center City’s got a new blowout spot opening up soon, and it’s going to be good. Sure, it may seem like there’s a new no-haircut hair place opening up every five seconds these days, but Drybar comes with a strong reputation and method that’s been tried and tested. (The Philly location will be the company’s 61st nationwide.) Why should you get excited? Drybar isn’t here to solve all of your hair needs—just blowouts—and it’s bringing an accessible level of sophistication to the Center City salon scene.  

dry bar 2

The Cosmo-Tai, Mai-Tai, and Uptini styles. | Images via Drybar.

The process is simple: For a flat $45, you get your hair washed and dried in about 45 minutes, regardless of your hair’s texture or length. Have you ever walked away from a blowout appointment (generally on your way to something kind of important) and absolutely hated your hair? Unwanted Dolly-Parton-level volume has happened to the best of us at the most inopportune times. To avoid this mishap, Drybar offers seven different styles of blowouts, from sleek and straight to messy and texturized to, well, Dolly-Parton-esque voluminous if that’s your style. (Hey, no judgments!) Side note: We’re loving the fact that all blowout styles are named after cocktails.

You can also add on extras to your service, like a ten-minute scalp massage ($10), a repairing mud mask ($20), or a hydration shot ($20) to step up your pampering routine. Of-the-moment up-dos are also available for $90.

We’re excited to welcome Drybar to Center City early this summer. Their ground-level storefront at 17th and Market is a sizable 1,975 square feet, slated to fit the cool, girl-on-the-go vibe Drybar is known for. Insiders tell us we can expect a comfy-yet-chic bar setting, with marble countertops, tufted walls, and–best of all—cult-classic chick flicks playing onscreen at all times.

Don’t worry; if you happen to get hooked, Drybar’s got a monthly membership program offering two blowouts a month for $75.

Happy Friday, y’all.