10 Home Accessories to Buy From Target’s New Spring Collection

All hail Nate Berkus.


Photos via Target.

If you’re anything like me, you’re bursting to upgrade your house for spring, to store the faux fur throws and heavy shag pillows for lighter offerings like, well, everything you’ll see in this post. The home decor and office accessories here are all part of Nate Berkus’s newest spring/summer collection for Target, and they’re all fantastic. Better yet, most of them ring in at under $50, so you can make small, spring-y swaps in your home without breaking the bank.

Ready to shop? Let’s do it. Here are 10 things you need to scoop up at Target right this moment.

1. A geometric vase.

A gold vase? Sure! A gold vase with cool little handles? Even better! I’ll take two. ($24.99; buy here.)


2. These leather side tables.

Stack a few coffee table books on these, maybe add a vase of flowers (see above) and you’ve just given your room an expensive-looking upgrade. ($89.99; buy here.)


3. A slick little desk lamp.

Because typical office lamps are really boring, and every desk needs a pop of gold. Oh, and it includes a bulb. ($49.99; buy here.)


4. A very fancy letter opener.

You can use your finger to open an envelope, but why would you want to when you can use this little slice of glamour instead? Letter openers for everyone, I say! ($7.99; buy here.)


5. And equally fancy bathmats. (Sorry, bath rugs.)

These certainly look plush, don’t they? ($18.99; buy here.)


6. A small box with a spiky top!

I don’t really know what this is for or what I would do with it, but it’s sort of weird in a good way and I want it. ($17.99; buy here.)


7. Funky stools.

I would like to group some of these on the charming, hippie-ish back patio (weathered rugs! A hammock! Throw pillows on the ground!) that I currently do not have but maybe someday will. ($69.99; buy here.)


8. An embroidered mirror.

It’s like a very chic dartboard that you can see your reflection in. ($39.99; buy here.)


9. A tabletop hanging file.

Because those plastic file folders are clunky and ugly and this is not. Also it comes with five mint-green hanging folders! ($12.99; buy here.)


10. A shiny gold pencil holder.

Corral your Number 2s (or your pens; I don’t know your life) in this hammered gold pencil cup. Do one better and fill it with these silver and gold pencils($6.99; buy here.)