Shop Talk: 15 Must-Buy Spring Shoes Under $150

Read with coffee: Five style headlines to start your week.

Inexpensive Shoes

Fun fact: Both of these strappy pairs cost less than $150. | Images via Topshop.

  • You know the age-old style adage: If your bags and shoes look expensive, so does the rest of your outfit. But you can get the look of investment-worthy add-ons without breaking the bank. Here are 15 pairs of spring-perfect shoes that only look expensive. In fact, each rings in at under $150. I’ll take the eyelet-detail sandals, please. [WhoWhatWear]
  • Old Navy recently released a pair of purportedly stain-resistant white jeans. So, naturally, a blogger put ’em to the test with coffee, soy sauce, red wine and Cheeto fingers. The result? Not too shabby. [Huffington Post]
  • Trying to get insider info on HomeGoods is like trying to pry info from a Secret Service agent; the company is known for its intense secrecy. But PopSugar managed to get a few juicy tidbits from the company. Here, 19 things you never knew about HomeGoods. [PopSugar]

  •  Apparently people are now using scissors to achieve the perfect, razor-sharp cheek contour. Watch, but proceed with caution. [Glit_Glam Instagram]
  • Jessica Alba’s eco-friendly Honest Company was sued again, this time for cleaning products including laundry detergents, which were found to contain “significant levels” of sodium lauryl sulfate, even though the company claims otherwise. [Fashionista]