Help! We Can’t Find Cute Plus-Size Clothes in Philly

Are mall stores the only option?

Cute Plus Size Clothes | Lauren McGrath

A few styles from Fason de Viv in Old City. | Images via Fason de Viv.

Originally, we wanted to write a post calling out the five best local shops for cute plus-size clothes. However, after a solid day of digging, we’ve only managed to find big-box mall stores (Torrid), inexplicably expensive brands (Lane Bryant) or small sections at mega-retailers (Forever 21) that fill the need for plus-size clothes at all. 

Don’t get us wrong, these places have some really stylish clothes to offer. But if you’re a fashion-minded curvy woman dissatisfied with the mainstream options out there, you’re not alone. We scouted the city and could only sniff out two boutiques stocked with cute plus-size clothes: Fason de Viv and My Little Redemption, both in Old City. Congrats, guys, looks like you’ve got the local market on lock.

In our quest to find local shops with stylish plus-size clothes, most places we called only carry a couple options in sizes 16 and 18—hardly the selection any shopper hopes to find when getting in some retail therapy.

So here’s my question to you: Where in the world do you find cute plus-size clothes in Philly? We’re really hoping noisy malls and online shopping aren’t the only options out there.