Philly-Based Online Shop Sells the Most Gorgeous Lingerie Ever

Because a top-of-the-line lacy number is never a bad idea.


What daydreams are made of. | Anya Lust.

Lingerie is sort of like a sense of sense of humor: It makes us swoon when it’s good, and shudder when it’s bad. Unfortunately, when it comes to intimates, most of the options out there fall flat. There’s a fine line between lust-worthy (see above) and tacky (exhibit A), and very few brands get it right.

Luckily, just in time for the sexiest holiday of the year, we’ve stumbled upon Anya Lust, a Philly-based e-commerce site specializing in all things lacy, racy and completely covetable.The curated selection of top-notch lingerie – including hard-to-find brands like Almeida, Silk Laundry and Fleur of England – is classy, gorgeous and blessedly bling-free. Items range from delicately laced bralettes ($63) to intricate bodysuits, slips and kimonos (over $300).

Queen Village-based owner Krystle Kotara, 28, is no newcomer to the sensual scene. In fact, she’s an established erotic writer (read her blog here), and the Anya Lust collection is inspired by erotic literature and poetry. Shop her site for your newest sexy little thing and enjoy it this Valentine’s Day, whether you’re sharing the holiday with someone special or a pint of ice cream (hey, we’re not judging!).