14 Stylish Coats That Won’t Ruin Your Fancy Outfit

Because, believe it or not, winter is coming.

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Although it may not feel like it in the slightest, guess what, people? It’s December, and it won’t be this balmy and beautiful forever. Now is the time to snag some stylish outerwear – right around the holidays and before the cold front hits. While you’re out party-hopping, don’t spoil that fancy ensemble by pairing it with a not-so-cute coat. Take it from us: That pill-y peacoat just doesn’t jibe with your cute cocktail dress. Leave the everyday outerwear at home, and opt instead for one of these fabulous options. 

coats COZY

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This is the perfect weather for a sweater coat, especially since wearing one sort of lets you pretend that you’re still cozy in bed. These transition-weather (yep, we’re still stuck here) layers are nice and light, but the wool blend will still keep you warm against the occasional gust of December cold.

coats FUZZY

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The winter months call for luxurious furs. For those of us who prefer to go faux, try a fuzzy coat in a funky color. Who are we kidding? No one thinks it’s real anyway, so own it.

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In case you do want to spring for the real thing (controversial as it may be), we do have a soft spot for big, voluminous fur toppers. This is a lifetime investment, so bear that in mind while you’re in the checkout line.

coats DRAPED

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A minimal look calls for sleek outerwear. Add a twist to your classic blazer silhouette with a sophisticated cape. This coat can stand up to your fanciest gown, or dress up a t-shirt and jeans.

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A sweeping duster gives the air that you’re just breezing in – perfect for those parties where you want to put in some face time and move on to the next. Dress down a fancy cocktail dress with a duster and sneaks to keep things classy-yet-casual.

coats embellished

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The perfect way to dress up any look, especially if you”re going from day-to-night, is by adding a jacket with some embellishments. Whether you’re heading to Hanukkah brunch or the clubs on NYE, a little sparkle detail is always appropriate.

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Add some texture into your outerwear whenever possible. Try a knotted, chunky topper or a leather-and-fur combo.