This Year’s 27 Best Gifts for Kids of All Ages

We round up the coolest presents of the season for toddlers, tweens and teens.


Surprise ’em with things they actually want. | Shutterstock.

Kids are often the toughest ones on your list to buy presents for. You want to be the known as the Cool Aunt, not the one kids dread opening gifts from, right? We’ve rounded up the hottest kid commodities, toddler toys and big-ticket items for all the little (and not so little) ones on your list so you can keep your good standing in the familial “cool” rankings.

For babies: Your infant godson will not remember anything you give him, unless it happens to be that token stuffed animal or blanket that he latches onto for the next six years. While the payoff may not come until years later, book a baby photoshoot with a local photographer to commemorate the little one’s cuteness forever. If you’re looking for something smaller, we adore Philly-based Buddha Babe, especially their cute alternative to velcro bibs ($15).


Images via Target, IKEA and Imagine Toys.

For tots: They will love any mini-version of things they see mom and dad using, so try a fun sized Dirt Devil Junior ($22.99), makeup station ($27.97), kitchen set ($59.99), or no-noise cash register with a retro feel ($14.99). It’s hard to say who will get a bigger kick out of your two-year-old fake mopping the kitchen floors. Trendy kid gifts this year include three-wheeled Y-Glider Scooter (49.82) (double wheels in front for a more stable ride) and magnetic LEGO alternative MagnaTiles ($74.50).


Images via Puttyworld, LEGOS and Ripstik.

For youngsters: This is the prime age for gifting toys. Any Star Wars LEGO kit (prices vary) is sure to be a win, but you can’t go wrong with other popular items like Ripstiks (prices vary), Skechers Twinkle Toes light-up shoes ($53), or Thinking Putty (starting at $11) for kids at this excitable age.

For tweens: It’s the sad truth that kids these days are wishing for iPads (starting at $269), drones (prices vary), and hover boards (prices vary) at a younger and younger age. You also can’t go wrong with video games like Madden NFL 16 ($42.99) or LEGO Dimensions ($99.99) to go along with that new Xbox (starting at $299) they probably want. More inexpensive, yet still covetable items include tricked-out Nerf guns (prices vary) and Skull Candy ear buds (starting at $14.99).

For teens: Instead of yet another iTunes gift card, sign them up for a year-long Spotify subscription ($92.88) or Netflix account (starting at $7.99 per month). Quality sound devices like wireless Beats by Dre headphones ($299.95) or Bose Soundlink Bluetooth NFL speakers ($249.95) are covetable items that will last them for years. This is also a great age to gift coming-of-age items like a beautiful initial ring (Dana Rebecca, $660, as seen on Taylor Swift) or sophisticated watch (Leonard and Church, $95), as they begin to transition into adulthood.