Kit and Ace Opens Fishtown Store Featuring Local Artists

Luxury cashmere stores don't have to live in Rittenhouse anymore.

It’s finally here! Late last week, Canadian luxury cashmere brand Kit and Ace opened the doors to their new Fishtown location. Among other merchandise like jackets and jewelry, the brand is known for its “technical cashmere” – code for “can go in the washing machine” – at a more accessible price point than we’re used to seeing cashmere marked.

Perhaps the coolest thing about Kit and Ace’s new location is the local artistic elements incorporated in the decor. Niko Dyshniku and Mitch Chisholm of Kole Made are the creative masterminds behind the gorgeous supper club table and benches, where you can take a quick break and rest your weary shopping feet. Artist Ryan Beck’s colorful, graphic prints can also be seen on the walls throughout the store.

We love that the brand chose a non-traditional location for their only Philly store, going one step further than your average retailer by featuring local artists and community shops on their international website (shoutout to local obsession La Colombe). Hats off to Kit and Ace for their excellent location scouting, and for bringing cashmere to the masses!

The Details: Kit and Ace, 1424 Frankford Avenue, Fishtown.