How to (Once and For All!) Get Rid of Static Cling

Tips and tricks to getting rid of cling in a pinch.

Static Cling

Skirting issues. | Glynnis Jones /

A few things rank up there on my list of embarrassing fashion fouls: accidental visible bra (also known as AVB; this happened once during a meeting with my boss and I’m still wishing the earth would swallow me whole); tripping in heels you can’t really walk in; going about your day with your skirt clinging awkwardly to your bum without realizing it.

Static cling generally rears its ugly head when you’re not fully equipped to deal with it: at work, at a party, walking down a very crowded Market Street. It’s as if silken fabric falls perfectly while you’re at home, only to cling desperately to your upper thighs the second you hit the street. So, for the start of what’s most likely going to be a clingy winter, here are five tried-and-true ways to combat static, no matter where you are. (For AVB, well, you’re on your own.)

If you’re at a wedding: Head to the restroom and look for hairspray in the toiletry basket. Spritz a few times underneath the garment that’s sticking and you’ll be good to go.

If you’re just about the leave the house: Well, aren’t you lucky? You’ve got a wealth of options here. First, spritz some Static Guard (if you’ve got it on hand; the smell is bad but it works like a charm) under the offending garment. Then take a dryer sheet with you in case the cling catches up with you later. (You can rub this underneath the garment where it’s clinging to quell static.)

If you’re at work: Find some hand lotion, stat. Rub a thin layer on the underside of the piece of clothing that’s sticking (or on your legs, if they’re bare), let dry and you’ll be set.

If you’re headed to a meeting and don’t have time to search for hand lotion: Hit the sink. Wet your hands with water and rub them between your tights and the clinging garment. The solution is temporary, but it’ll save you from walking into a meeting with your skirt balled up to your waist.