The Perfect Fall Mani You Need Right Now

How to show your seasonal excitement like the grown woman you are.


Get into the fall spirit with a touch of sophistication. | Image via JINsoon.

While we love pumpkin-flavored baked goods as much as the next chick, we think the whole pumpkin obsession belongs in the kitchen, and not on our person. Basically what we’re saying is this: Pumpkin Spice Latte-inspired nail art is for high-schoolers — an unpopular opinion, surely, but we’re just looking out for you. Don’t worry though; you can still express your autumnal enthusiasm through your accessories. This mani is the perfect example of how to do fall nail art like a grown woman.

Nothing says festive quite like gold leaf, especially against a dark, seasonally moody background. While all-gold nails are great for holiday, right now, try swiping the gold only on the bottom half of the nail for an ombré effect. This look uses Nocturne for the base, topped with Guild both by JINsoon, available at Sephora. Make it your own by switching up the background color for another dark shade, like deep burgundy or midnight forest green.

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