Before & After: How Getting Bangs Completely Changed My Face

Proof that you should not fear the '70s fringe.


Tonia got it pretty darn close. | Emily Goulet.

I’ve always considered myself to be someone down to experiment with hair, yet I wind up getting the same style every time. However, Shoppist has been putting my self-awareness to the test, first turning me bronde for the love of summer trend testing. To be honest, that was easy. This time, though, we really went for it: I got full-on ’70s fringe.

As a victim of multiple haircut mishaps in high school, it is with good reason that I fear the fringe. However, this shaggy boho hair I’m seeing everywhere from Instagram to H&M to the Creatures of the Wind runway had me reconsidering. Without thinking on it too hard (lest I weasel out), I booked an appointment at Architeqt with Tonia Day, a bi-coastal hair maven who splits her time between Philly and LA. She gave me one of the best haircuts of my life a few years back, so I was excited to be back in her chair.


From mousy nice-girl to fringed badass. | Emily Goulet.

I took the plunge, and here’s what I found:

  1. It’s terrifying.
  2. I am very aware of hair on my forehead at all times, but it’s only been a day.
  3. These are not the bangs of yesteryear, thank heavens. To avoid the Girl Scout look, don’t dry with a round brush – just make a few rough passes at the bangs with the dryer pointing downward for a tousled finish.
  4.  My look is completely updated, exciting and different without sacrificing overall length.
  5. My balayage colorist Jess (remember her?) told me that my hair now looks like a cross between Stevie Nicks and J. Lo, so obviously I’m sold.

In short, don’t be scared! This haircut is awesome and will make you feel like a rocker chick/Parisian art student. And if you don’t love it, the great thing about hair is (say it with me) it always grows back.