Shop Talk: 4 Style Tricks to Copy Right Now

Read with coffee: The five style headlines you need to know this a.m.

Scarf on bag

Rethink the way you accessorize for a new fall look. | Shutterstock.

  • Adopting fall’s new trends doesn’t necessarily mean a full closet overhaul. These four inexpensive styling tricks will instantly update your look now: 1) Skinny scarf! Get one and knot loosely around your neck. 2) Wear a belt over your sweater/dress/jacket and loop the end in a knot á la Olivia Palermo. 3) Wrap a strip of fabric around your neck as a choker. 4) Pile on the brooches! [The Zoe Report]
  • Things aren’t looking so great for the controversy-courting King of Unitards. American Apparel has filed for bankruptcy, after five consecutive years of losses which total $338 million. Last year, the company fired founder Dov Charney, who warned that the business would crash if they ousted him. Charney’s hoping someone will buy the company out of bankruptcy and let him run it, but there are a few speed-bumps to that plan, namely the existence of a computer server filled with Charney’s personal porn collection and nude photos of him. Vom. [Business Insider]

  • For his spring 2016 runway show, Rick Owen’s models were strapped together with a harness — one hanging upside down from another in a weird sort of human backpack — to demonstrate “women supporting women.” The whole thing was sort of cool, sort of Human Centipede creepy. [Harper’s Bazaar]
  • Proof that it’s all in the styling: Here is how six women styled one dress to make it look completely different, by mixing up jewelry, belts, shoes and other add-ons like hats and tights. The takeaway? It’s easy to make a simple dress your own; it just takes a bit of ingenuity and creativity. Also, try cinching a shirt-dress with a belt for a whole new look. [PopSugar]
  • Good news for those of you interested in brighter chompers: Turns out, there’s not much of a difference between cheap at-home strips and costly in-office teeth-whitening treatments, as both use hydrogen peroxide as the main whitening agent. Here are four more facts you need to know about whitening your smile, including the most important thing: when the heck to stop. (Seriously, you can do some major damage to your enamel.) [StyleCaster]