Two Philly Schools Ranked on List of Best Fashion Design Programs in the World

"Philly: hotbed of fashion invention. Who knew?" *coughwedidcough*

Drexel Fashion

Inside Drexel’s URBN Center. | Image via MSR Design.

The Business of Fashion recently conducted a global study to determine the best fashion design programs, and guess what? Of the top 21 schools ranked for undergrad, Drexel and Philadelphia University made the cut, and PhilaU landed a spot in the top ten master’s programs in the world.

Since before Rocky, Philly has always rooted for the underdog. Among such prestigious programs like Central St. Martins, London College of Fashion, Pratt, and even schools that are relatively unknown but still sound distinguished, like Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, PhilaU and Drexel definitely stick out. In both rankings (undergrad and masters), Philly schools hold the very bottom slot in the global influence category (sigh, fine). But before you turn your nose up, listen to this: Drexel ranked the highest in learning experience of any fashion design program IN THE WORLD.

The prevalence of Philadelphia school programs on this list shocked many, as the New York Times singled out (“Philly: hotbed of fashion invention. Who knew?”). But we’d just like to say, we’ve always believed in ya, Philly. Now let’s start dressing like the other fashion capitals of the world.