Market Report: The Secret Cutthroat Culture at Amazon

"That's when the ulcer started."

Amazon Boxes

Amazon: “Where overachievers go to feel bad about themselves.” | Shutterstock.

  • “That’s when the ulcer started.” Lunchtime must-read: a scary look inside the punishingly addictive work environment at global megacorp Amazon. [New York Times]
  • Restore your faith in serendipity with this story of how a 14-year-old girl from Tel Aviv became the face of Dior basically overnight. Also: Apparently modeling experience is not a prerequisite to open at Paris fashion week. [Washington Post]

  • Top models define their personal style in three words or less, essentially giving us a verbal guide to looking like a model off-duty (a girl can dream). [W Magazine]
  • Style has no age, and this photo series of glamorous grannies proves just how beautiful growing older can be. [The Cut]
  • Vanity sizing makes it nearly impossible to find clothes that fit, and one study reveals just how far we’ve stretched our tag numbers in the last 50 years. [PopSugar]