This Instagram Algorithm For Fashion Posts Gets You More Likes

A scientific study on personal style.


Will dress for likes. | Shutterstock.

We’ve all been there before: You upload a photo of your outfit on Instagram and nervously wait for likes to trickle in, one by one, praying to the social media forces that you break into the double digits. Now, though, you can ensure that those little hearts continue to climb with a new algorithm made for your stylish #OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) snaps.

A new algorithm from the University of Toronto calculates which outfit photo will get the most likes on Instagram. The algorithm — which is explained in the Computer Vision Foundation (CVF) report — analyzes “the type of outfit and garments, the type of user, the setting/scenery of the photograph, and fashionability of the user’s photograph” to maximize a photo’s appeal (which translates into likes). 

The mission of the algorithm is to find the science in style:

People want to look good; business or casual, elegant or sporty, sexy but not slutty, and of course trendy, particularly so when putting their picture online. Our goal is to learn and predict how fashionable a person looks on a photograph and suggest subtle improvements the user could make to improve her/his appeal.

Researchers combined science and social media by analyzing data from style enthusiasts and street style bloggers’ photos on After reviewing the 144,169 posts, analysts discovered certain patterns that make or break a post, indicating that the reason your last outfit pic only garnered three likes maybe wasn’t so arbitrary after all.

Check out the report here (warning: It’s loaded with equations) and use it to improve your social media stats. Or stick to the old way, like me, and continue to believe that personal style is subjective — likes or no likes.