12 Best Tweets From the Lilly Pulitzer Sample Sale

"I saw really cute shorts, but then I got hit in the head so I couldn't grab them for you."


Image via Instagram.

After a rocky start, which saw doors close hours early on the first day, the Lilly Pulitzer sample sale rolled out in all its pink and green glory. There were camping tents, there were sororities, there were men in skirts. Here are the best moments from the warehouse sale, from the shoppers who lived it. 

People started camping out early.




Brave men waited in line.


Some resorted to drastic measures.



Even the DJ finally waved the white flag:



People made game plans.


Waivers (waivers!) were distributed so that no one would actually be arrested:



But inside, the scene was still tough:



In the end, everyone came out safely, arms filled with enough Lilly to last a lifetime. Or, er, until next year’s sale.


Until next year.