Why You Should Definitely Back Felt + Fat’s Kickstarter

Ceramics for everyone!

We’re positively enamored. | Images via Instagram

This month in the print edition of Philadelphia magazine, we called out the Port Richmond-based ceramics line, Felt + Fat and teased an upcoming Kickstarter campaign. Well, exciting news: their Kickstarter is finally live and it’s your chance to nab some painfully cool dishware for yourself. Who knew we’d ever be this psyched about plates?

The local company — favored by Philly chefs since 2013 — is looking to fundraise $20,000. According to their Kickstarter page, funds will go toward:

“With your help we plan to purchase an additional large electric kiln, slip-casting tables, an industrial slip mixer, and several other large pieces of equipment. Additionally we plan to hire and train more local artisans to help produce our product while still keeping each piece handmade.”

If you back $10 or more, you’ll receive at least one ceramic item made by the duo. But the more you pledge, the sweeter the rewards get (think full marble place settings). To back the campaign, click here. Good luck, Felt + Fat!