Monday Obsession: We’ve Found the Best-Ever Denim Jacket

The denim jacket of 2015.

Full disclosure: I don’t think I actually own anything from J.Crew. I realize this puts me in the minority, as everyone has at least something from the store, but I don’t particularly see myself as a J.Crew girl, despite my raging girl crush on Jenna Lyons and my general appreciation for the brand and its on-point styling.

But my sister was in town last week and I found myself stuffed into a J.Crew dressing room, waiting for her to try on mountains of spangly tees and cute highlighter yellow skirts and lamé camp shirts (lamé!). I rifled through her castoffs and found myself loving this denim jacket. (I own lamé pants, a studded leather coat from the ’80s, a gold sequined coat, and about 10 bathrobes that I wear out, but I do not have a denim jacket. Ridiculous.) The tailored, cropped jacket is distressed, but in a way that feels authentic (that’s because it sort of is: The rips and holes were all grinded by hand). I plan to wear it with a smattering of safety pins, a few fancy and a few, um, pulled from our office supply cabinet. 

The Details: Denim jacket in Calyer wash, $138 at J.Crew, multiple locations. Or buy it here! (Psst: Use code SHOPNOW to get 25 percent off, which brings it to about $109, according to my receipt.)