Buy This Now: The Coolest Bracelets Ever at TownHome

The handmade-in-Paris pieces we spotted — and where to get them.

We’ll take them all, please. | Images via TownHome.

This week’s current item to covet: these insanely cool bracelets at TownHome. The simple beauties — hammered silver and gold-plate on a silk cord — are handmade by Parisian designer Nilaï (warning: the site’s all in French).

The bracelets are $95 each, and TownHome currently has only eight in stock (two gold, four silver, and two silver on a chain instead of the cord). 

We suggest scooping one up soon before, you know, some other lucky shopper gets ’em first. (And by ‘other lucky shopper’, we mean the entire Shoppist team. Cough.)