Men Can Learn a Lot From Wearing Makeup For a Week

"Contouring is legit witchcraft."


Hot stuff. | Shutterstock.

Men wearing makeup isn’t a new thing. In fact, last year we wrote about guys in Philly getting into the primping scene). But what about less-than-subtle swipes of mascara and concealer? Could burly, manly men pull off a full face of makeup—and would they dare to?

Enter Isaac Fitzgerald, a brave, bearded, tattooed guy who, for five days straight, wore makeup. He documented his week-long makeup-wearing test for BuzzFeed, and the results are expectedly hilarious, and eye-opening.

Issac learned a lot by wearing makeup for a week, from the magic of contouring (which he described as “legit witchcraft”) and the transformative powers of mascara to the real reason women wear it at all—er, not to impress men:

For many, makeup is comfort. Makeup is fitting in, it’s feeling attractive, it’s standing out in ways you choose to stand out. On the last day, despite all the strange vibes and awkwardness of the week, I finally felt that too.”

Read the whole story and see pics from the experiment here.

So, any brave guys up to trying this in Philly?