The 10 Craziest Winter Fashion Looks Ever

You'll never think twice about your parka again.

So, we didn’t quite get the blizzard of the century last night. But, temperatures are still hovering around the freezing mark and without the buffer of a snow day, you might find yourself actually having to go outside.

To combat the winter chill, we’ve been gathering advice on strategic cold weather dressingdown coats, fur, tons of layers and a bevy of winter accessories are the usual suspects. However, it appears some people succumb to an acute form of winter dressing hysteria when the temps drop, and before you know it, faceless puffer coats, furry mittens that look like animal paws, and Yeti boots are on full display. Here, the 10 craziest winter fashion looks ever. All of a sudden a Northface coat and snow boots don’t seem so bad, right?

1. For some reason, we don’t see this translating to Philly sidewalks well.


Image via Tokyo Fashion

2. A rule of thumb: If you’re warm enough to wear a mini-dress, skip the Yeti boots. Or rather, always skip the Yeti boots.


Image via Shoppysharpings

3. Men’s fur is already a tricky trend to pull off. Don’t make it harder by wearing seven different kinds.


Image via Pop Sugar

4. We promise there are more efficient ways of keeping your head warm than wearing a carnival hat.


Image via Marc Jacobs

5. We’re also quite sure that there is no positive correlation between height of fur and warmth.


Image via Bryan Boy

6. Uniform knitwear accessories, yes. Knitwear that appears to be crafted by giants, no.


Image via Buzzfeed

7. How to ruin a classically chic look? Throw on a pair of furry animal paws.


Image via Vogue

8. Channeling our inner snow ball, are we?


Image via Pinterest

9. Swap the animal carcass for a beanie, please.


Image via Dalje

10. Don’t try this at home. Or on the streets. Or anywhere.


Image via Prada