This Is the Only Store in Philly That Will Carry Alexa Chung’s Collection for AG Jeans

Philly is about to be Alexa-fied.

Image via Alexa Chung for AG/Avenue 32

Image via Alexa Chung for AG/Avenue 32

You’ve probably heard of Britain’s fashion icon Alexa Chung (basically the other Kate Moss) collaborating on a fashion line with denim royalty AG. The vintage-inspired line consists of killer sweaters, dresses, t-shirts, and endless denim, and it nails Alexa’s careless Twiggy style.

The line is stirring up lots of buzz, but you’ll only be able to snag it in one (yup, just one) Philly shop. The lucky spot? Skirt boutique in Bryn Mawr, who just got their delivery today.

The boutique—the only store in the area to stock the collaboration—is carrying closet staples from the line, including t-shirts (starting at $118), sweaters ($230), and overalls ($275). A tip from store manager Janice: Get your hands on Alexa’s adorable button-down jean skirt, which is the most talked-about item of the collection. (It’s $178.)

The Details: Skirt, 931 Lancaster Avenue, Bryn Mawr, 610-520-0222.