Buy This Now: See the Statement Necklace Named After Our Style Editor!

Behold, the 'Emily.'


Photo by Dom Savini.

This season, Philly’s most au courant shoppers will be abandoning jewelry’s typical splash — glitzy diamonds, spiky crystals, gemstones the size of gumballs — for a far more modern look. The game-changer: Bela Shehu’s “Emily” necklace, the standout piece of the designer’s just-launched accessory collection. The brushed-brass plate, hand-forged by a local artist, is a study in both stark minimalism (it’s strung on a thick utilitarian cord with an unfussy magnetic closure) and over-the-top maximalism (it’s about the size of a small saucer). Consider it the new look of luxury.


The backstory:  While hosting our second Shoppist After Hours event at NINObrand, I got a behind-the-scenes peek at the yet-to-be-released jewelry line that Bela was working on. I immediately fell in love with the necklace, in a had-to-have-it-now sort of way. It was more of a prototype at that point, but I bought it anyway and wore it out the door. It’s now for sale to the public, and you’ll see it in the pages of our January issue. For even more info about the piece—and to see more of the jewelry line—check out FYI Philly on 6ABC this Saturday, January 17th, at 7pm. I’ll be chatting with Alicia Vitarelli and Bela about the necklace, how I wear it, and why I love it. So tune in!

The details: $225; available by appointment at NINObrand Atelier, Rittenhouse.