Monday Obsession: The Coolest Thanksgiving Table Ever

An argument for eating at a cafeteria table on Thanksgiving.


Your butt, here. | Photo via Minam.

Some of the coolest people I know have these dining tables in their homes. (Exhibit A: Tracey and Rod Berkowitz, owners of Zinc Home in Lambertvile, who live here.) This particular table might look vintage, but it’s actually made by the talented craftspeople behind Lostine, a wholesale home furnishings company founded by Robert True Ogden.

This table comes in three sizes, and has authentic beginnings: The iron base is cast from a vintage industrial cafeteria table. It’s toped with reclaimed pine and has oak seats, which swivel beneath the table when not in use. (So, perfect for cramped spaces.)

Want to get in on the cafeteria-table action? You can snag it on Lostine’s online retail store, Minam.

The Details: $2,000 for four-seater; $3,000 for an eight-seater; $4,000 for a 12-seater. Buy it here.