Apparently, Bison Is a Huge Trend in Philly

(Yes, bison.)

Image via United by Blue Facebook

Image via United by Blue Facebook

About a week ago, I wrote about local brand United by Blue’s Kickstarter campaign to begin production on ‘The Ultimate American Sock,’ socks that are made of bison wool. And it looks like Philadelphians got pretty psyched about the prospect of toasty toes from the down of American Bison because they  annihilated United by Blue’s original goal of $15,000 with a current pledge of $41,718. And—get this—they still have 28 days left on their campaign. Congrats, gang.

Aesthetically, they’re not super-fancy: gray, a vague Fair Isle pattern, reinforced heels. But who knew the American Bison (look at those furry guys!) could be so cozy? Said to be “softer than cashmere and warmer than wool,” these socks sound like little tufts of heaven encircling my toes.

Apparently, I’m not the only one. The campaign became so popular that founder Brian Linton had to add more reward levels—including Christmas gift packs— on Kickstarter to accommodate the interest:

“Our Christmas Gift Packs include a recycled paper notebook with a vintage Bison print, a tuft of raw bison down (experience how soft bison is for yourself!), and a gift card with a picture and details about the sock(s) you are gifting. The Christmas Pack will ship in time for Christmas. The socks will ship by March.”

Yes, there are still some available. Get ’em here. I’ll be over here, waiting patiently for my own pair.