Philly, BoConcept Has Created a Couch and Named It After Us

And if you live in PA, you get a discount.



If cities were couches…

I guess we can say that we’ve finally made it as a real world-class city: We have a piece of furniture named after us. And not just any piece of furniture, but a whole couch!

The ‘Philly’ couch is by BoConcept, that modern design haven on Chestnut Street and in KOP that feels like a fancier, grown-up version of IKEA.  The company claims that it’s the first-ever BoConcept sofa named for an American city; I’m not so sure of this. I found a reclining couch called Madison, and even a modular couch called Fargo. FARGO? We came in after FARGO?

The couch’s shape is unmistakably retro; in fact, they describe it as “a contemporary take on classic designs of the 50s and 60s.” And now  through November 26th, Pennsylvania residents get 10 percent off the Philly couch. See more pics of the sofa over on our sister site, Property, and get our resident design maven’s thoughts on BoConcept’s, er, interesting, ideas on how to style it all. (Hint: It involves Eagles green, and it’s not pretty.)