Monday Obsession: Ted Muehling’s Black Porcelain Objects

All available on Egan Day's stunning new website.


Objets d’art perfection. | Photo by Courtney Apple.

Well, somebody’s got a brand-new look: pint-size jewelry box Egan Day has unveiled a new and gorgeous website. And it’s just not an aesthetic rehab; the site is now—drumroll, please, and then freeze your credit cards in ice—shoppable.

While most people think of Egan Day as a jewelry store first, its collection of objets d’art are just as lust-worthy. Take, for instance, these pieces, most of which were designed by Ted Muehling. The assortment of gothic black bisque porcelain votives and sculptures and gold-splashed Biedermeier candlesticks are all appropriately moody accessories for the season. (That moth votive reminds me of Valentino’s butterfly-bedecked spring/summer 2015 couture collection. Egan Day owner Kate Egan promises the votive looks even more incredible when lit up.)

Prices are as follows, from left: Ted Muehling gold-plated small candlestick, $172, and large candlestick, $864; Maureen Fullam mirror, $175; Ted Muehling for Nymphenburg black sparrow, $500; Ted Muehling moth votive, $549, and Vesuvius candlesticks, $319 each. Call to order.