Attention, Shoppers: Missoni Sale!

Trick out your linen closet now.


Nothing says ‘style’ like ridiculously chic bed linens.

Remember the time Target did that designer collaboration with Missoni and the world freaked out and basically shut down the Internet for a day? This is sort of like that, but on a much smaller scale, which means that you’ll actually be able to score the zig-zagged, slightly psychedelic goods before they sell out, and not have to watch things like a pair of $21.99 rain boots get scooped up and resold on eBay for $31,000.

Here’s the deal: Once a year, Kellijane—the high-end linen and decor boutique at 1721 Spruce Street—holds a huge sale on everything Missoni. You’ll get 15 percent off all Missoni products, which include towels, sheets, duvets, pillows and blankets.

Head to Kellijane’s Pinterest page for a look at what they’ve got in store, and head over there from tomorrow through October 24th to enjoy the discount. Your linen closet will thank you.