There’s an Actual Waitlist for This $1,750 Fendi Keychain

We picked out 5 better ways to spend your dough.


Back in July, word started to spread about the elusive Karl Lagerfeld Fendi keychain. Ringing in at $1,750, it was über-exclusive, could only be scored at Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman, and had already amassed a several hundred person-long waitlist. That series of descriptors isn’t uncommon for limited edition designer duds, but this is a keychain—a very expensive mink and fox fur keychain—but a keychain nonetheless.

Perhaps what I find most irksome is that it’s decidedly void of function. Of course, it makes your keys easier to find at the bottom of your purse, but here’s a little perspective: the iPhone flashlight app is free. It’s the very fashionable equivalent of a troll doll on a metal ring.

I’m generally not one to criticize how others spend their money; it’s none of my business. However, $1,750 is a lot of money—even in fashion, and I don’t think I’d be doing my duty as Shoppist assistant editor, if I didn’t address the many (SO MANY) other ways you can drop nearly two grand. Sorry, Karl.


1. Snatch up seven Collection cashmere boyfriend sweaters. And that’s at all full price; they’re also offering 10 colors at $179.99. $225 at J.Crew.


2. These classic Gianvito Rossi pumps will only set you back $1,280—for both colors. That will still save you over $400. $640 each at Net-a-Porter.


3. Uh, or you could actually buy a Fendi purse for the same price. $1,750 at Neiman Marcus.


4. Still a Karl fan? It’s cool; we get it. There’s no need to buy the keychain when you can snag all of these pieces from his eponymous collection for $1,709.95. Shop it at at Net-a-Porter.


5. If you still have your heart set on a pink-haired fuzzy keychain, we suggest these troll dolls. (Hurry! There’s only 13 hours left!) Why buy one when you can get 219? $7.99 at Ebay.