Market Report: The 26 Best Aviators Ever Worn by Celebs

The style headlines, roundups and inspiration to see now.

  • Happy Monday, Shoppists. Let’s ease into the week with this roundup of the 26 best moments in aviator history. Yep, ’90s Posh and Becks make the cut. []
  • When no one was paying much attention, Coach went and got cool.  (Sad news: They fired a ton of people to get there.) [Into The Gloss]
  • A Beyoncé fashion exhibit is coming to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum tomorrow. [Rolling Stone]

  • Wanna know how to tie a head scarf? Stop trying so hard, that’s how. Really, just fold a scarf lengthwise and knot at the top of your head. Easy-peasy. [Into The Gloss]
  • These tips on dressing for the office when it’s super-hot outside are pretty standard (no sheer, nothing too short, never flip-flops, duh), but the street style pics that go along with them are AWESOME. [Telegraph]


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