Monday Obsession: Fairwear’s Clean-Cut Moisture-Wicking Men’s Shirts

At last, the solution to sweating up your shirt pre-work.


Guys, if you’ve ever had to endure a rigorous commute, be it by foot or wheel, then you know what it’s like to be sweating in a freshly laundered shirt before you’ve even had your morning coffee. That’s where Fairwear comes in.

The shirts are made in Philadelphia of a moisture-wicking performance fabric (kind of like discreet activewear) called COOLMAX and cut with a tapered fit. Even better: The collection is priced at $85, so you get form and function without breaking the bank. Stock up on a few of the blue and white varieties — you can get ’em online or at Brewerytown Bicycles — and never worry about looking like you decided to run a 5k on your way to work again.