Market Report: Here’s How to Wash Your Bathing Suits

And other fashion and beauty news to know this a.m.


  • Step away from the  washing machine. Avoid the dryer, too. Here’s a handy guide for extending the life of your swimwear simply by changing your washing practices. [Fab Sugar]
  • This might be more ‘art installation’ than wearable fashion. This dress, designed by NYU students, turns transparent every time you tweet, “to broadcast the wearer’s data for anyone and everyone to see.” [Jezebel]
  • Halter tops are back, guys! Here are 19 options that are actually sophisticated. [Lucky]

  • Apparently there is a thief in Italy stealing bras from wash lines. Oh, and the town is called Bra, too. [Local]
  • Best.#ThrowbackThrusday.Ever. Victoria Beckham just dug up the dress she wore on her first date with David. Look familiar? [Twitter]


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