Street Style: Musician Andy Suzuki’s Hats and Tats Look

The NYC singer/songwriter spills his style secrets.


Photo by Evan Schapiro.

Name: Andy Suzuki

‘Hood: Manhattan; in West Philly for the weekend.

Day Job: Lead singer of band Andy Suzuki & The Method.

Where We Found Him: Leaving his brother’s graduation from UPenn Med School.

What He’s Wearing: Diesel jeans; Converse classic black high-tops; hat from Goorin Bros. Hat Shop. “The blazer and shirt I found in my dad’s closet. I had to get the blazer tailored, but that’s better than buying a new one.”

Where He Shops: “Most of my denim is from Diesel, most of my hats are from Bailey, and most of my ink is from Flyrite Tattoo. H&M is always a great place to find a piece or two.” [Ed. Note: You can score Bailey hats at F.A.N. in Fishtown!]

Sound Bite: “Classic looks with a twist. Tattoos and hats complete my look. As a performer, I’m always looking to have that extra little something in my outfit to make it pop. I express myself through my music and how I present myself to the world—what I wear is definitely a big part of that.”


Photo by Evan Schapiro.